Live Roza Hazrat Imam ALI RAZA (A.s) Live From Mashad Iran

Roza Rasool Hazrat MUHAMMAD Saww

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Imam Hussain ko kis ne shaheed kiya ? Qari sakhawat ali

Who were Killer of Imam Hussain as
Mostly people From all around the world accuse shias That , They killed Imam HUSSAIN (as) , Thats Why Shia Do MatamEx Deoband Quran Reciter & Religious Scholar "Qari Sakhawat Ali" Described in His Own Style That Who Killed Imam HUSSAIN (as) Shia or Others , So Watch The Video And Decide Your Self .

Majlis Imam Hussain Qari Sakhawat Ali

Daughters Of Hazrat MUHAMMAD Saww 4 or 1

Some Muslim Brother think that Hazrat MUHAMMAD Saww was Father of  4 Daughters But Some Of Sunni books states that Hazrat Muhammad Was Father Of 1 and Only Daughter Hazrat Syeda FATIMA Zahra sa , The Ex Scholar of Deoband States in his Majlis That MUHAMMAD Saww Has only One Daughter , He Gave some Books References And Proofs. Watch Below His Video

Shan-e-Ahl al Bayt RASOOL (Saww) and Sahaba

Ahl al bayt Rasool saww
Ahl al-Bayt (Arabic: أهل البيت‎, Turkish: Ehl-i Beyt) is a phrase meaning, literally, "People of the House" or "Family of the House". Within the Islamic tradition, the term refers to the family of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.
This is Majlis of Shaheed Allama Nasir Abbas Multani (shaheed) Who Described Dignity of
of Ahl al Bayt Rasool Saww And Sahaba Rasool  ra , He Described Clearly Difference Between Ahl.e.Bait And Sahaba Karam Ra.

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