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  1. Karbala Ma Sha ALLAH 
  2. Way to karbala
  3. Zahra sa Teray gulshan ka
  4. Abbas jo Zinda Hay

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Nadeem Sarwar is The Famous Noha Khawan Of Pakistan , He Has Recited His Nohay In Different Countries Of World , Mostly In Pakistan And Indian , Temporary Residence Of Nadeem Sarwar Is Austrailia , During Muharram Holy Month He Came Every Year To Pakistan For Religious Events , And Also For Money Purpose , Noha Reciting Is The Only Source Of Income Of Nadeem Sarwar ,
Nadeem Sarwar Nohay Album 2018 , Nadeem sarwar nohay album 2017, Nadeem sarwar mp3 nohay

1 shaban Wiladat Mubarak Hazrat Zainab sa

There is divergence of opinions about the date of birth of Sayyida Zainab (sa) / Hazrat Zainab Kubra (sa). Some say it was 5th in the month of Jamadi Al-Awwal of Islamic calendar, and Some others say it was 1st in the month of Shabaan, in the 6th Hijrah year 625 AD.

Sayyida Zainab (sa) is the elder daughter of Imam Ali (as) and Hazrat Fatima Zahra (sa), and eldest granddaughter of Prophet Muhammad (saw) and Ummul Momineen Hazrat Khadijah (sa). She was the third child of the family i.e. she was born after Imam Hussain (as). She is the sister of Imam Hasan (as) and Imam Hussain (as), Sayyid Shabab ul Jannah. Her younger sister is Hazrat Umm-e-Kulsoom (sa).


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Roza Rasool Hazrat MUHAMMAD Saww

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Imam Hussain ko kis ne shaheed kiya ? Qari sakhawat ali

Who were Killer of Imam Hussain as
Mostly people From all around the world accuse shias That , They killed Imam HUSSAIN (as) , Thats Why Shia Do MatamEx Deoband Quran Reciter & Religious Scholar "Qari Sakhawat Ali" Described in His Own Style That Who Killed Imam HUSSAIN (as) Shia or Others , So Watch The Video And Decide Your Self .

Majlis Imam Hussain Qari Sakhawat Ali

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