Farhan Ali waris nohay 2017 mp3

Download Farhan Ali waris Audio NohayDownload farhan Ali waris nohay 2017

Farhan Ali Waris is Most Talented youngest noha khawan from pakistan , His Nohay are famous mostly among young generation of pakistan and indian, like other noha khawan his nohay are being listen in Asian Countries like Indian ,Pakisran and bangladesh ,He is Also Reciting Qasiday and Naat , mostly He Recite Qasiday And Naat on Pakistan Tv Channels , During Muharram Month he Recite Nohay in Pakistan After All after the month muharran He Mostly Visit Other Countries and Do Live Tv Programmes of Nohay .Under Given Are List Of His 2017 Nohay Album. Click Below Any Noha To Play and For Download Right Click and Click On Save link or open in new Tab

  1. Ya Khuda Ya Khuda
  2. Kadan Wal Say Bhira Akbar A.s. (Siraiki)
  3. Sabeel E Hussain  (Jab Bhi Pio Paani)
  4. Abbas Tumhay Baali Sakina Ki Qasam
  5. Jab Karbala Ki Simt
  6. Kahan se lay Bradar
  7. Ab main pani na Mangoongy
  8. ABBAS (a.s.) Kahan ho Bhai
  9. Shahadat Tiflan-E-MUSLIM (Riwayat)
  10. Aaja Way laal asghar (a.s.) (Punjabi)
  11. Baghdad k pul

Download Hassan Sadiq Nohay 2017

Download Free Hassan sadiq audio nohay 2017Download Hassan sadiq Nohay 2017

Hassan Sadiq Is Famous Noha khawan from pakistan , He Recite Nohay in urdu and english both languages , mostly he recite nohay in punjabi language , muslims from asian countries like bangladesh , pakistan and indian listen his nohay , He is famous by his Natural Sweet voice , He is most simple Noha Khawan among all noha khawan he is famous Because of his simplicity Mostly people said that he Never Augued for money on noha reciting .Under Given is list of his Latest 2017 Audio Nohay , Click on Noha To Play And Right click on noha and click save link or open in new tab to download.
  1. Aye Muslman Aaj Bhi - Hassan Sadq
  2. Mantaa Lahawan Nana - Hassan Sadiq
  3. Shair E Khuda - Hassan Sadiq
  4. Fakhar E Mariam - Hasan Sadiq & Raza
  5. Dasan Ki - Raza Hassan
  6. Khaimon Ke Aas Pass - Raza Hassan
  7. Suraj Say Zara Kehdo - Raza Hassan
  8. Zindan Khaa Gaya - Raza Hassan

Nadeem Sarwar Nohay 2017 mp3

Download Free Nadeem sarwar audio nohay 2017
nadeem sarwar nohay 2017
Nadeem sarwar is Famous Noha Khawan from pakistan , living in Austrailia People from all over the world listen his nohay mostly people from Pakistan , Bangladesh and India , he is most expensive noha khawan in pakistan He earning alot from noha khawani and by Reciting  Majalis in pakistan and Europe , Middle class people can't invite him for noha khawani or majlis because he Demand almost 3 lac per programme , so mostly Rich shia Momineen Hire him for noha khawani and majalis programmes . although he is good noha khawan he has beautiful voice given by ALLAH ,

Badshah Hussain as                        Download
Ya Haider as                                    Download
Kya Andhera                                   Download
Hallo Momino Sindhi Noha           Download
Ay Kufio                                           Download
Madinay Jaon                                  Download

 Nohay Album 2017 Coming Soon
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Muharram Month Islamic Quotes Farman

Muslims from all over the world start their year with first holy month of Muharram , this is the First holy month in islam , Holy grandson of Hazrat MUHAMMAD (Saww) , imam Hussain (As) Was in Karbala with his family and friends to Protect islam and imam Hussain as Martyred in karbala with brothers,sons and 72 Hussaini Soldiers.So Under giver are some islamic quotes of imam Hussain (as) Related to Holy Month Of Muharram.
Hazrat Imam Hussain farman

farman imam hussain parda

imam hussain farman about sisters

quote of imam hussain as

imam hussain farman ALLAH

imam hussain karbala farman

Farman Ziarat Imam Hussain as

imam hussain shahadat farman

imam hussain farman

imam hussain farman Haq or batil

imam hussain about shahadat

imam hussain farman haq

imam hussain farman shahadat karbala

Farman hazrat imam Muhammad Baqir as

The islamic quotes of Holy imam Hazrat muhammad baqir as , Hazrat imam baqir is 5th holy imam of muslims in islam he was Son of imam zain al abideen as son of imam Hussain as, Under Given some islamic quotes of imam baqir as.
farameen imam baqir as

Hazrat Imam baqir as farman

quotes of imam baqir as

Imam baqir farman about shaheed

hazrat imam baqir as farameen

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