12 Rabi al awwal Wiladat Mubarak Hazrat Muhammad Saww

In the Holy Month Of Rabi Al Awwal Muslims From all around the world celebrate the Holy birth of Holy Prophet Hazrat MUHAMMAD Saww , In Asian Countries Like Bangladesh , india and Pakistan this event is named as Jashan.e.Wiladat Hazrat Muhammad Saww , Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Saww Was Borned On 12th Of Rabbi Awwal , But Some Muslims Believe That Holy prophet Saww Was Borned on 17 Rabi Al Awwal Although All Muslims From The World Celebrate this Holy Day On 12 Rabbi Al Awwal,Sunni and Shias from whole world celebrate this Holy Moment Together Except wahabis , wahabis scholar Believes that it is biddat (Not Allowed) To Celebrate Holy prophet birth day celebrations In islam.
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Jashan e Eid Milad Nabi Saww Celebrated On 12 Rabbi Al Awwal All Over The World ,
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